Payगर , a product of Easytech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., allows its users to go cashless. It is a payment gateway which helps users to shop online as well as offline easily. The product provides a very simple and user-friendly interface.

Payगर can be used on both sides; either while paying or while receiving payments. Come register yourself as customer or as merchant and get the benefits accordingly.

Awesome features

Modern interface
Easy to use
Timely updates
User Friendly
Easy Report Views

More features

Easytech has been trying its best to provide best service to its valuable customers. Introducing Payगर in today's market is one of its first step. We provide the best platform in regards to our customer's ease. We want our customers to get the product as friendly as it can be and we are getting into it.

Easytech will be providing its product, Payगर to its customers under different platforms. The platforms will be released soon.

Android application
For Apple iOs
Windows version

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